What do you have to do?

Racking should be inspected both internally and by a competent external party. A nominated person within your company who has received sufficient training should inspect your racking on a regular basis. These inspections should be documented to provide an evidence trail that the racking inspections have been carried out.

Racking inspections by a competent external party should also be carried out. The Health and Safety Executive states that these racking inspections by a competent external party should be carried out at intervals of not more than 12 months.

Typical Racking Inspection Intervals:

Visual: Daily

Documented: Weekly

External Competent Person: Annually (or more frequently)

What to Expect?

When you book to have a racking inspection carried out by ACA Health & Safety Services we will organise for a fully qualified engineer to visit your premises at a time that suits you.

The engineer will inspect racking and advise you of any repair works that need to be carried out.

How can ACA Health & Safety Services Help?

ACA can send a fully qualified engineer to your premises to carry out your racking inspection.

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