What is DSE?

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) is any device or equipment that has a graphic display. It includes computers, laptops, and workstations.

Why do we need DSE Assessments?

We can often spend prolonged periods of time at our computers/laptops and it is important that we use them correctly in order to prevent injury. Many musculoskeletal disorders can be caused by using computers and laptops with bad posture for prolonged periods of time.

A DSE Assessment can help you achieve good posture whilst working at your computer and help you become more aware of posture. Furthermore, if you already have a musculoskeletal injury, a DSE Assessment can advise you on how to make adjustments to your workstation in order to prevent problems from getting worse. 

What do you have to do?

The Display Screen Equipment Regulations requires employers to:

 – Analyse workstations, and assess and reduce risks.
– Employers need to look at:

  • The whole workstation including equipment, furniture, and the work environment.

  • The job being done.

  • Any special needs of individual staff; and

  • Where risks are identified, take steps to reduce them.

– Ensure workstations meet minimum requirements.
– Plan work so there are breaks or changes of activity.
– On request arrange eye tests, and provide spectacles if special ones for DSE use are needed.
– Provide health and safety training and information.  

How can ACA Health & Safety Services Help?

We will arrange for a DSE assessor to visit your premises to carry out your DSE assessment. Our DSE Assessment Service ensures compliance with Display Screen Equipment Regulations.

Simple Workstation Assessment

This Assessment is suitable for users without any significant pain, disability or pregnant employees. Conducted at the individual’s workstation, each assessment provides:

  •  Workstation risk asssessment
  • Seated postural analysis
  • Postural training and task management
  • Report detailing suggested modifications 

Advanced Workstation Assessment

A more in-depth assessment can be provided for those with ongoing or recurrent pain. The Advanced Workstation Assessment is often requested as part of ongoing medical management.

Find out more

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