Health & Safety Audit

Having a health and safety audit is a great way to assess where your company is currently at with regards to health and safety compliance.

A health and safety audit can also be a great way of preparing your company for upcoming compliance audits. Our auditors will help to identify the gaps within your paperwork which will reduce the number of non-conformity identified during compliance audits.

Health and safety audits can also be used as evidence that your company is taking a proactive approach to improving its health and safety systems.

What to Expect

As you will have booked the health and safety audit with the intention of improving your health and safety compliance our auditor will approach the audit very much with a ‘working with you’ approach as opposed to a ‘policing’ approach as is usually the case with compliance audits.

On arrival at your company the auditor will work through an audit checklist and when areas for improvement are identified will take time to carefully explain how your company can go about improving its systems.

On completion of the audit the auditor will provide you with an audit report detailing the areas for improvement and suggested courses of action.

Once the auditor has left your premises you may contact us at any time for further information on how to action your areas for improvement

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