What you need to do

Who should attend

Many companies who have MMA welding equipment either do not use it all, or underutilise it because they do not know how to get the most out of the equipment.

Although being easy to set up MMA welding is comparatively difficult to use and requires training to be able to produce a defect free weld. The operator has to maintain the arc length as the rod burns down whilst controlling the molten metal and slag.

Aims and Objectives

This is an introductory course aimed at anyone from the complete novice to the more experienced welder in need of a refresher.

  • Arc Welding safety issues, including how to protect workers from long term latency issues such as fumes
  • Welding electrode identification and selection
  • Setting up the equipment correctly
  • Correct techniques for a range of joint configurations and welding positions
  • Weld evaluation – how to check if the weld is fit for purpose

Each course will be tailored to reflect the type of metal and work required for each customer.

Course Outline


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